Smith-Digital offers competitive pricing for web site design and content writing. While developing a website, we take the additional time and care to be sure it will perform well once finished and submitted to search engines. We take the aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) into account, and carefully optimize your website’s content for better initial rankings, and sustained higher search engine rankings. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our website design services.

What Web Design Services Does Smith-Digital Provide?

Smith-Digital provides custom tailored websites, necessary to have the competitive edge when it comes to increasing website traffic. We offer fully optimized websites with relevant content and images. We also offer additional search engine optimization (SEO) services for both new or existing websites. Contact us today for additional information regarding our website and web page design services.

What Do I Need to Provide for My Website?

Depending on your budget, Smith-Digital will help you understand what is required to begin, and finish, your web site. Optimally, a brief (or thorough) explanation of the company, individual and/or services you provide is a great start. If you have already written text content for any of the pages, this is helpful as well. Smith-Digital has copywriters that can provide you with professionally written content, or you are able to provide written or typed text content for us to incorporate into your website. Any additional items, such as pictures, videos or music are also helpful for adding content to your web site.

How Much Will My Web Site Cost (Website Pricing)?

Smith-Digital designs and programs based on the needs of the client; smaller sites, with 5-10 pages, can start as low as $499. We also offer content management systems (CMS) to allow you as the client to update and modify, add or remove content currently on the website. Fully optimized content management systems start as low as $799. For other items such as web site updates and changes, we bill at an hourly rate. This rate will vary, depending on the location of the services provided, as well as the number of hours proposed. We conveniently offer retainers of 5, 10 or 20 hours at discounted rates as low as $50/hr. We offer competitive website pricing and ask that you contact us today for a free quote.

How Soon Will My Website Be Finished?

The time frame of completion for your web site, too, will vary based upon the size of the site, the amount of content that must be written, any graphic design that needs to be done. There are also other variables you must consider. Many times, we are able to complete sites within days, not weeks, and are available to speak in person or over the phone regarding your website needs. Please contact us today for more information about our time proposed time frames, and for a free estimate.

How Can I Make Changes to My Website?

Some of the websites we build are structured around a content management system (CMS), which allows you as the owner to login and securely make changes to the content. These sites are ideal for any individual, company or business that needs to make regular or constant changes to their website. Visit our Content Management Systems page for more information, or contact us today for a quote.