Website Design – Austin, Texas

Smith-Digital offers website design to its clients in Houston, TX, and around the United States.We specialize in building websites that are “search engine friendly”, and also offer additional services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as other various Internet Marketing Services.

Regarding our web design services, Smith-Digital offers options for any size business, and can custom fit your business with a professional website, flexible maintenance plans, and Search Engine Optimization. Our web designers and developers are capable of programming websites in a number of different languages or platforms including HTML/CSS, Blogs, Content Management Systems (CMS), and full flash websites or flash introductions.

HTML/CSS Website Design

Though “Web 2.0” websites are mostly written in PHP or other scripting languages, you should never overlook the option of and HTML and CSS website. Fully customizable and able to include addition items like flash and various scripting, HTML and CSS websites are a great option for small business owners. For the most part, HTML websites are designed and updated by a web developer and use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files for a common theme throughout the site. The convenience of using CSS allows a developer to make changes to the styles all of the pages within your website by editing (usually) a single file. More advanced HTML/CSS websites may have multiple stylesheets, depending on the output of the page(s). HTML and CSS websites are best for companies or individuals who are not interested in making frequent changes to their website. For users who wish to be able to make regular updates, changes or additions to their website, a Content Management System (CMS) is a better fit.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems are one of the web’s greatest inventions; website owners with little or no knowledge of web programming languages can manage their website efficiently and easily through any web browser. CMS give users the ability to add new pages or posts, upload and share content like images, videos and music. Another great advantage of content management systems is that there are many different platforms that are open source, which means that the structural coding for the website is free. Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal (Visit any of these links for more information) are regularly updated, and can be updated through the administrator control panel–or “backend”. There are also multiple third-party plugins and “widgets” that can easily be incorporated into the website to allow for additional functions such as e-commerce, social media and bookmarking, image galleries, contact forms; just about anything you would need to add to your website. Many of these  platforms also provide for “themes” to be incorporated into the site, which changes the overall look and styles of the website conveniently and easily. For more information about content management systems, or to learn how Smith-Digital can help you and/or your business develop a website using one of these platforms, please Contact Us today!


Blogs are a great way for you and/or your business to get a web presence quickly.When it comes to blogs, content is by far the most important aspect. Blog writers should take time and care to publish article and posts that are relevant to their site. Using a platform that allows for easy social network sharing is also very important for a successful blog. Smith-Digital uses WordPress for all of blogs that we develop. Being that WordPress is an open source platform, blogs can be setup quickly and are very cost effective. Plugins for social media sharing, as well as RSS feeds, can enable a site to get their information out quickly. Blogs are also very helpful for search engine optimization. Content that is relevant to the rest of the website will help increase the size of your site, and can help to quickly increase your search engine rankings. If you are looking to get your message out, or would like to use a blog to increase the amount of content and frequency that your site is updated, Contact Smith-Digital today for more information.

Flash Websites and Introductions

Smith-Digital also offers full flash website design and customization. Or, if you’re looking for a catchy introduction or flash-animated content, we can custom design these flash items for you or your business. Flash websites are often used by companies in the entertainment, music/video, promotions or other related industries. For the most part, many businesses tend to shy away from these types of sites, simply because of the arguably “poor” abilities they have for search engine optimization. Too much animation, or confusing navigation can easily lose a clients interest. However, flash websites can be very attractive, and easily KEEP a viewers interest. If you are interested in a flash website for you or your business, please contact Smith-Digital today for more information.