Search Engine Optimization – What is Analyzed?

While performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are a number of different items to take into account, and will be discussed briefly.

Keywords – Keep Relevance Percentages in Range

When a company offers “keyword research”, what this means is that they will find and research keywords that draw search engine users to your site. For example if you own a bakery, you would want to use keywords like “baker, bakery, bread, muffins” and so on. Groups of keywords, called keyword phrases, are also taken into consideration. Examples would be “english muffin bakery” or “local bread bakery”; these phrases can quickly filter search engine results, and exact matches will help your site.

While analyzing the keywords found during the keyword research, relevance of the desired keywords and the current page content are extremely important. Using keywords that are irrelevant to the pages content are a waste of characters in your META tags; find relevant keywords that appear in roughly 3-5% of your content. Never use tactics like “keyword stuffing”; search engines can penalize you for having curiously high percentages. Anything 8-10% or higher and you are looking for trouble.

Titles and Descriptions